Anywhere Festival to take the stage at The Paint Factory

Anywhere Festival to take the stage at the Paint Factory

Dance, visual arts, folk music, fairy-filled worlds, and an evil surgeon turning his victims into a human centipede – The Paint Factory will show it all for the closing weekend of the Anywhere Festival from May 19-21.

The annual artistic celebration, which turns Brisbane’s nooks and crannies into a stage, focuses on unleashing creativity anywhere but a theatre. Think music in a cemetery, storytelling on ferries, theatre in hedge mazes and musicals in aeroplanes; plus performances at the Paint Factory.

Across the weekend, the creative hub will host seven different shows, with everything from classical guitar to stories about the weather. There’ll also be food trucks and a pop-up bar to enhance the atmosphere.

Check out details of the shows below. For more information and bookings, visit

Into the Light

Into the Light is an immersive physical theatre show that explores the world of consumerism and social media. It explores the realm of connections and disconnections by following three allegorical characters who are lured in and out of their cyber cave by the great goddess Google. Inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and Greek mythology, Into the Light mixes physical theatre, dance, philosophy, literature, visual arts, music and digital media.

Banshee’s Luck

A Beggar’s Life for a Beggar’s Wish

Step into the fae-realm of Brianna Bodil Banshee. It’s a world between worlds where the fate of Beggars is determined both by the roll of the dice and the will of a Jury. With an immersive world and interactive storyline, Banshee’s Luck is not just a game, it’s an experience. You’ll be transported into a world of intrigue and suspense, where secrets will be hidden in plain sight. Three Beggars owe the Banshee a debt, and your judgement of them is required. Choose which Beggars to save and who must pay the ultimate price.

The Human Centipede Parody Musical

Their scream is his song

Based off the infamous 2009 film of the same name, the plot follows a mad scientist who kidnaps and mutilates a trio of tourists in order to reassemble them into a human centipede. What was once a movie made for shock value is now a fully realised musical parody. Featuring eclectic and original music, a zany cast of characters and even a tap-dancing centipede, the show promises to entertain the s**t out of audiences.


Building a new world on foundations of ash

As humanity teeters on the edge of extinction in a distant future, the Bunker opens its doors once more – a place of refuge, violence and memories. From struggling survivors to doomsday preppers, this anthology details humans at the end of the world and after, from the perspective of a dilapidated bunker. Join performers in the Bunker as they explore love, loss and sacrifice.

Contra Guitar Duo

Opposing yet complementary performers can create thrilling artistry – that’s the basis on which Hamish Strathdee and Emma-Shay Gallenti-Guilfoyle came together to perform. Their concert is a celebration of the guitar and its diversity and reflects their unique personality and musical inspirations. Enjoy a program encompassing European classical music, contemporary Australian repertoire and works inspired by the rich traditions of Brazilian folk music.

THE RIOT – Happy Tears Tour

The noun that hangs above Gold Coast-based three-piece THE RIOT is one that implies simmering tension, followed by chaotic, profound release. It speaks to community, shared struggle, an anarchic form of altruism and an altruistic form of anarchy. In one word, it tells a story of the voiceless claiming a voice, the diminished reclaiming space after years of being ignored. It is a word that connotes fission and fusion — of cultures, textures, classes, ideologies. THE RIOT are playing in support of their latest EP, Happy Tears.

34 Scenes About the Weather

“How about this weather…?!” 

This age-old small-talk starter has begun millions of conversations between strangers around the globe – but why this question? What does the weather say that we cannot? Lunch Friend had an idea; bring together a plethora of playwrights from different stages in their writing career and give them a simple prompt, to write a scene about the weather. 34 Scenes About the Weather is an experiment, an investigation into the way weather affects us all and a celebration of the talents of both emerging and established writers, all wrapped up in 70 minutes of theatrical small talk.